Breitbart’s Kushner Radio Silence: Day 7

Today is Day 7 of there not being a single story critical of Kushner on Breitbart. It’s been a full week. So, I’m ending my ‘day count’ because, well, I think you get the idea of what’s gone on behind the scenes at Breitbart.

In other news: Trump has sent out John Gorka and Michael Anton  (aka Publius) to deny a Neoconservative turn and, in the case of Anton, to emphasize the Machiavelli. These public displays, while a good sign, directly contradict this reporting from Bloomberg News.

Meanwhile, Richard Wolstencroft argues that The Donald is going full GFII:

What Trump is doing now is the Hyman Roth deal writ large and on the world stage, including the tempting, the sabotage, and the threat. Then there is the betrayal—Corleone sidelines his allies in an obscure move and even old family friends and loyal capos (like Frank Pentangeli in the movie). Trump does it by backing off the Alt-Right.

The sidelining of Tom Hagen (played by Robert Duvall) in Godfather II also plays a part. This demoting of his most trusted adviser totally fits Steve Bannon here, while the Cuba deal with Hyman Roth is a dead ringer for the Syria War on behalf of the Globalists.

You see, Trump knows “Roth” is the real enemy, the true existential threat to Western civilisation and humanity itself. So, what does he do? He draws them close, very close and makes them feel comfortable, gaining their trust, before arranging what is historically necessary, i.e. their downfall and sidelining and the demise of their global agenda.

In the movie the Cuba deal goes “belly up” due to the Castro Revolution (=Putin?), but mainly because Roth tried to have Corleone and members of his family killed, using the don’s own brother Fredo (=Jared Kushner) as an insider family traitor. A treacherous Sicilian gangster Johnny Ola (=McCain or Ryan) also handmaidens the Hyman Roth deal and helps corrupt Fredo. This extended metaphor, in essence, is what is happening now, or some close variation thereof.

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