Britain Facing A Rape Gang Epidemic

Britain’s huge problem of muslim gangs is nothing new. The Mirror runs a piece on one of the many immigration-related problems affecting the U.K.:

Britain is facing a rape gang epidemic, with thousands of young people at risk from sexual exploitation by groups of men, a special report for the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

Last week we told how police believe they have uncovered the country’s biggest child sex ring, with as many as 100 victims.

In Rochdale last year nine men were convicted of exploiting 47 disadvantaged girls by rape, sexual abuse, grooming and trafficking.

Now a study has uncovered a national problem far greater than the authorities care to admit, with 16,500 young people at risk from sex gangs.

Investigative journalist Kris Hollington spent a year on the ­scandal and found vulnerable girls are let down by a care system that, in some cases, all but delivers them to sex beasts.

The article includes a photograph of gang ringleader Mohammed Saddique.

Enoch was right.


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