Brussels Says ‘F*** You’ to Eastern Europe

E. U. bureaucrats have decided to overrule the sovereign positions of the Eastern European countries reluctant to accept the Muslim invaders:

BRUSSELS — With Europe’s refugee crisis escalating, European leaders on Tuesday approved a plan to spread asylum seekers across the continent over the objection of Central European nations.

The plan to distribute 120,000 migrants across Europe is a first step toward easing the plight of the men, women and children who have been shunted from one European nation to another in recent weeks, a grim procession of human need in one of the world’s richest regions.

But the decision to override the dissenters means the European Union will be sending thousands of people to nations that do not want them, raising questions about both the future of the 28-nation bloc and the well-being of the asylum seekers consigned to those countries. Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia voted against the measure, a rare note of discord for a body that usually operates by consensus on key matters of national sovereignty. Finland abstained.

So, how are the affected Eastern European leaders reacting to this news?

Central European leaders condemned the vote, warning that Europe would suffer as a result of the plan to force them to accept asylum seekers.

“Very soon we will see that the emperor has no clothes,” Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said on Twitter. “Common sense lost today.”

The final agreement did not include an earlier proposal to penalize countries that did not take in asylum seekers, so it was not immediately clear how the E.U. would deal with nations that refuse to comply with the plan.

At least one country, Slovakia, said after the decision that it would not take in any of the migrants.

“As long as I am prime minister, mandatory quotas will not be implemented on Slovak territory,” Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico told his parliament’s E.U. affairs committee.

Well, that’s racist and Islamophobic.

I found this section of the article, about ‘Refugee Preferences’ fascinating. Read between the lines of this section:

Under the distribution effort, each nation would continue to make its own decisions about whether to grant asylum to individual applicants. Hungary, which grants just a tiny fraction of asylum requests, could continue to be far harsher than Germany, which is relatively generous, particularly to Syrians.

There are few guarantees that asylum seekers would actually stay in the country to which they’re assigned, especially given the lack of border controls between most E.U. nations. Migrants would risk losing benefits if they left one country for another, but, for example, few may want to stay in Poland, next door to Germany’s high wages.

Nor was it immediately clear how E.U. policymakers would take into account the refugees’ preferences. Some countries offer far more generous benefits than others. Many refugees also want to be reunited with family members who already live in Europe.

“They say when you are in Vienna, you can go anywhere,” said Wassim, 28, a native of Aleppo, Syria, who made it through a bustling border crossing at Nickelsdorf on the Austrian-Hungarian frontier. He hoped to travel quickly onward to the Netherlands…

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