CA & the End of White America

Ron Unz has reposted his in-depth Commentary article from 1999, where (using CA as his template) he predicted, not in positive tones, the “coming of white nationalism” (“California and the End of White America”) In the subsequent issue of Commentary, Unz responds to various Letters to the Editor, including this one from a guy named Jared Taylor:

Ron Unz worries that white nationalism is a dangerous force that could break up the country. He suggests that if nonwhite immigrants can be more skillfully integrated and assimilated, racial nationalism can be defused and whites can be shepherded gently into permanent minority status.

But if Mr. Unz is concerned about keeping the country together, why is white nationalism the villain, rather than the immigration of nonwhites that gives rise to it? Mr. Unz is asking white Americans to do something without precedent in the history of the world: voluntarily permit themselves to be displaced by people unlike themselves.

The absurdity and, yes, the immorality of this are obvious if we imagine the shoe on the other foot. What if millions of white Americans were pouring across the border into Mexico, and preferred to speak English rather than Spanish, celebrate the Fourth of July rather than Cinco de Mayo? They would fundamentally change the texture of life in those parts of Mexico in which they lived. Can we imagine Mexicans trying to persuade themselves that this demographic transformation was “cultural enrichment,” even as it threatened to reduce them to a minority in their own country?

People are tribal, and their nature will not be changed by exhortation. Mr. Unz is right: as whites become a minority, more and more will recognize massive third-world immigration as an intolerable assault on their culture and peoplehood. And, indeed, the country could break up as a result But do not blame white nationalism. Blame the foolish and suicidal policy of pretending that differences of race, Language, and culture are somehow sources of strength rather than sources of conflict.

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