Camp of the Saints: Germany Edition

CampOfSaintsIn Camp of the Saints (1973), Jean Raspail predicted quite accurately how the Left and the jellyfish middle class would cite, by rote and however tentatively, a ‘Christian humanitarianism’ which welcomes the refugees without any preconditions. Amongst the Left this pathological altruism is expressed in pontificated moral terms: the hard Left’s Marxist underpinnings fairly overt, but also by a racialist, non-white constituency who skillfully deploy the language of moral universalism to advance their race-based, Third World-ism agenda.

Despite the Left and jellyfish may have said in the public space, to much fanfare and from a certain inertia of public expectations, in private after a drink or two, many of these same individuals express serious doubt and reservations about the ultimate wisdom of their positions.

While the term didn’t exist at the time Raspail wrote Camp of the Saints, what he was describing is the powerful totalitarian, concept-to-end-all-concepts that is Political Correctness.

Much of the suspense that builds up in Camp of the Saints surrounds the cognitive dissonance which politicians, celebrities, and even Limousine Liberals exhibit, when calling for red carpet treatment of millions of Third World-ers to their shores, while, as the inevitable realization of what this translates into for their own daily lives and culture at large, also make plans to ‘head to the hills’, that is, move to lily-white regions to escape the quick and inevitable turning of French cities into Third World, Mini-Me, sh*t-holes.

This is contrasted with two other groups. The first is comprised of various RINO-like officials providing more or less stark warnings to the giant flotillas of ‘refugees’ to not land on their respective shores, else they face governmentally-sanctioned violence. This group even mobilizes the military to their shores to advertise the seriousness of their threat that, when the signal is given, the hordes will be fired upon. When the moment comes, however, this RINO group doesn’t have the wherewithal to act. With heads lowered, they back down.

Individuals in the second group, a distinct and proud minority of Frenchmen, have no illusions of how this will all end. Vastly outnumbered, they realize the Game is Over. While their neighbors abandon their properties and head to the hills, this group toast to the (once) greatness of France by holding celebratory feasts, drinking their best wines, and smoking cigars, while loading their guns after dinner.

They will be overrun, and they know it, but they will not watch their centuries-old Culture and Nation be destroyed without a fight.

From AP:

In Germany, the vice chancellor called for a nationalist party to be put under observation by the government agency that tracks extremists after its leader suggested that police should be allowed to shoot refugees trying to enter the country.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel told Bild newspaper that “there is massive doubt that (the Alternative for Germany party) stand by the free democratic order of the republic.”

Frauke Petry, the head of the party also known by its German initials AfD, told the Mannheimer Morgen daily on Saturday that a border police officer “must stop illegal border crossings, and also make use of his firearm if necessary.” Pushed by the newspaper for more, she continued that “no policeman wants to fire on a refugee and I don’t want that either. But the last resort includes the use of armed force.”

Germany saw nearly 1.1 million asylum-seekers enter the country last year and the AfD has been gaining in support as more people question whether the government will be able to deal with the influx.

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