Camp of the Saints – Quote #30

CampOfSaintsPerhaps some chose to let themselves die, or perhaps they were marked out for death in the name of the general good. Cruel though it was, in any event, the plan succeeded. (We are told that the hardiest races are the ones pruned down by natural selection, today as in the past …)

London, where the labor force includes some eight hundred thousand Commonwealth nationals, a group calling itself the ‘Non-European Commonwealth Committee’ is planning a peaceful demonstration Monday evening, in order to, quote, ‘demand British citizenship, full voting rights and human rights, equal salaries, equal employment, and equality in housing, recreational facilities, and social welfare,’ end of quote…

Whole hippie and Christian communes have been seen heading south. Along with them, groups recruited from the outskirts of Paris, young industrial workers, bands of students from the several disciplines, as well as large numbers of clergymen and nonviolent militants of varying persuasions.

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