Canadian Tourist Beheaded

The Philippines is a majority Roman Catholic nation, but that doesn’t stop the Muslim majority from waging jihad to change things around.

Today, the Religion of Peace chapter in Philippines beheaded 68-year old Canadian tourist John Ridsdel, a story which will be forgotten within a month.

A severed head was left Monday on a street in the southern Philippines, authorities said, five hours after a ransom deadline set by Islamist militants holding Western hostages and others. Canada’s prime minister identified the victim as a 68-year-old Canadian.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said John Ridsdel of Calgary, Alberta, was killed in a “cold-blooded murder” by the militants. Trudeau said Canada would work with the Philippine government and international partners to bring those responsible to justice.

The beheading underscored fears of widening violence by Islamist guerrillas, known as the Abu Sayyaf group, as it forges possible allegiances with the Islamic State…

The severed head – described by authorities as the remains of a Caucasian male – was found inside a plastic bag dropped along a street in Jolo, a provincial capital in the southern Philippines, said Jolo Police Chief Superintendent Junpikar Sitin.

The Abu Sayyaf group had set a deadline for payment of the equivalent of $6.5 million for each of its foreign hostages, including two Canadians and a Norwegian man seized along with a Filipino woman in September from a marina on Samal Island in the country’s south…

We can expect more barbarism from the world’s most violent religion:

Abu Sayyaf is also believed to hold other foreigners, including a Dutch man, a Japanese and a group of Malaysian and Indonesian seamen.

In November, Abu Sayyaf militants decapitated a Malaysian hostage on the same day that the Malaysian prime minister arrived in Manila for a summit.

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