Cartel Inroads

The details of this AP article are worth reading. Given both our unsecured border and our increasingly ‘vibrant’, diversified (i.e., balkanized) Estados Unidos, this dynamic is inevitable.

The drug cartels in Mexico have taken savagery to a new, unprecedented level. (Google “mexican cartels torture” to see what I mean). With billions of dollars in assets and liquidity, these cartels are now working their way into U.S. cities and suburbs, and will have no problemo dominating all domestic drug turf. Notice the names associated with the cartels’ agents. They’re all…. drumroll… hispanic, and to be more precise, are most assuredly of Mexican descent.

Sorta like how, whenever there’s a corrupt U.S. Border agent allowing illegals into the U.S., the agent is usually of Mexican descent.

So, drug cartels are comin’ to a city near you! It’s what Cormac McCarthy was getting at in “No Country For Old Men”.

Si, se puede!

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