Clinton News Network: Pt. 28,190

As I (and many others) suspected, CNN’s Chicagoland series (a so-called ‘reality show’) was intended to soften up America for Rahm Emanuel’s future political ambitions:

The Chicago Tribune gained access to over 700 emails between Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office and CNN. The emails detail a cozy relationship between the Democrat’s office and the cable news network during the production of “Chicagoland,” a low-rated eight-part cable series pitched to viewers as an unvarnished look at the city. [The emails are posted here.]

The emails tell the story of a cable news network coordinating with the mayor of a failing city who is also a rising Democrat star. The apparent goal of “Chicagoland” was for CNN to use its resources as a way to portray the “mayor in a positive light” at a national level and showcase Emanuel “as the star he really is.”

According to the Tribune, details were coordinated down to camera angles

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