Closing Time

In “What Is Great about Ourselves”, Pankaj Mishra, who proudly represents the ‘New’ England of Non-White ‘Diversity’, scoffs with animus at white ‘Old’ England-types and their U.S. equivalents, her piece ending with this:

‘Most of the white people I have ever known,’ James Baldwin once wrote, ‘impressed me as being in the grip of a weird nostalgia, dreaming of a vanished state of security and order.’ Today, longing for the ancien régime increasingly defines the Atlantic seaboard’s pundits as much as it does the fine people defending the honour of Robert E. Lee. It remains to be seen whether America, Britain, Europe and liberalism can be made great again. But it already seems clear that the racial supremacist in the White House and many of his opponents are engaged in the same endeavour: to extend closing time in their own gardens in the West.

One can smell the contempt with the curry.

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