CNN’s Identity Crisis – Pt. 2,188

Don “Black Hole” Lemon is the gift that keeps on giving. Here he is today:

The national conversation about corporal punishment of children, spurred by the indictment of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, continued Wednesday night with a CNN debate that started quite reasonably but eventually went off the rails with Don Lemon comparing hitting a child to hitting a dog and then eluding to “slave masters” as justification for the practice in the black community…

“For me as an African-American, the question is where did you learn that from? Is that learned from the slave master? Getting the switch? Being beaten?” Lemon asked at one point.

“How is that a rationale?” [Chris] Cuomo shot back. “I keep hearing this. Well, maybe it was passed down from slave culture. Why would that be a rationale to continue a practice like this? Isn’t that the last thing you would want to continue?”

You really can’t make this sh*t up.

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