CNN’s Identity Crisis, Pt. 7,189

The latest on the network that has no idea who it is or why they’re here:

Sources say CNN is developing a new show for its latest hire, Bill Weir, along the lines of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report.”

CNN chief Jeff Zucker is hoping Weir can goose ratings at the cable news network, which is lagging behind Fox News and MSNBC. But the old guard is worried that a foray into comedy will damage its brand.

“CNN has always been straight news. This would be a big gamble,” said one source…

There were rumors weeks ago that CNN wanted to hire John Oliver, who capably filled in for Jon Stewart over the summer while the namesake host was directing his first movie. But Oliver is still committed to Comedy Central.

BTW, when is that network finally going to pull the plug on Piers Morgan?

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