CNN/Univision Democratic Debate

Tonight’s CNN/Univision Democratic Debate was a mega dose of Hispanic Ethnic Identity Politics… in other words, a sign o’ the times.

The first introductory minute of the debate, spoken entirely in Spanish and with no English subtitles, left most Americans watching it feeling like a foreigner in another country. Which is, after all, what we are increasingly becoming.

It was a wonderful ‘optic’ for Middle America to witness. (I have little doubt that not having the introductions and the audience questions spoken in English was the doing of the Univision activist mindset, such as Jorge Ramos, one of the moderators.)

Stay classy, CNN!

The first 1/3 of the 2 hour debate was entirely on various ways we ought to be accommodating and further encouraging more (illegal) immigration into the U.S. From DACA to creating new laws to ‘reunifiy’ families where a family member has been deported, to expanding the scope of asylum criteria, etc.

One constructive moment of the debate for Trump’s purposes: At the urging of a moderator, both Sanders and Clinton pledged not to deport any persons (children or adults) who are here illegally.

Another great optic for Middle America: One of the audience reporters fielded a question from an illegal immigrant woman from Guatemala (visibly mestizo), with 5 kids, whose husband was deported. Presumably, she’s been allowed to stay due to her popping out 5 kids. The camera pans to the 5 kids, all of whom are sitting in chairs next to her, and who all appear to be under the age of 8. (This senorita was pretty busy under the sheets.) The question was obviously pre-staged, given how the 5 kids all sat in chairs alongside her, and how the meek acting woman doesn’t speak a lick of English.

The video snippet is here.

What was beautiful was how, as the candidates were responding, the camera repeatedly showed the bilingual Univision audience reporter whispering into the ear of the woman, presumably translating for her. It looked creepy as hell, and one couldn’t have dreamed of a better visual representation of the Balkanization of America.

By the way, a Guatemalan woman with 5 kids, who doesn’t speak a lick of English… What do you think the odds are that her household utilizes forms of public assistance?

Awkward moment for Bernie: The panel showed a 2007 interview where Sanders argued against the importation of cheap labor which pushes down American wages. Bernie had to tap dance around that. (I’m amazed at how, only 10 years ago, various Democrats held stronger anti-immigration stances, before P.C. and Hispandering completely swallowed their party up.)

Awkward moment for Hillary: One of the moderators pointed out various points in her voting record where she supported increased border fencing, more border patrol agents, and the like. “What is the difference between the wall you supported and the wall that Donald Trump wants to build?” The inherent premise of the question was that the very idea of a border enforcement is… morally wrong.

This is where we are. Such is an acceptable, uncontroversial question in a major political party debate.

At least 2/3 of the entire night consisted of permutations of the question: “What are you going to do for Latinos?”

Another great optic: Upon going to a commercial break around 10:52 pm, the break accidentally went to the beginning of a Spanish-language promo for an animated Univision show called ‘Heads of Space’, complete with a Spanish-speaking Donald Trump-in-space parody. (After about 5 seconds, the commercial flipped to a CNN commercial… amazing in English!)


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