Coen Brothers & Ross MacDonald

I love the Coen Brothers and I love film noir. I especially love when the Coen Brothers do film noir, which is often. So this is thrilling news:

Warner Bros has optioned the bestselling 1966 Ross MacDonald crime novel Black Money for Joel and Ethan Coen to write and potentially direct… The novel focuses on MacDonald’s private eye protagonist Lew Archer. Hired by a spurned lover to expose the suave Frenchman who has run off with his client’s girlfriend, Archer follows a trail that leads to a deep conspiracy as the mysterious paramour is connected to a seven-year-old suicide and a ton of gambling debts.

MacDonald’s Lew Archer character was adapted into two Paul Newman films (albeit with the Lew Archer name changed to Lew Harper for some reason): Harper (1966) and The Drowning Pool (1975). Both films are good neo-noirs, with Harper the better of the two.

I watched both films about a month ago.

Man, when it came to screen presence, Paul Newman was as good as they get.

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