Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys

Soda almost sprayed onto my computer monitor as I read that there’s now a ‘Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys‘:

Five African-American men, including Martin’s father and the family’s attorney, spoke for more than an hour, detailing all of the challenges facing many young black men starting before they are even born. They discussed poverty, high unemployment, health care, early education, child-care costs, racial profiling, stiff penalties for nonviolent drug offenses, the cost of college, the need for mentors and misperceptions of black men that exist.

The hearing room was packed with dozens of people, including a handful of young men in hooded sweatshirts. More people sat in an overflow room. Sometimes this crowd would burst into applause or give verbal affirmations as the men passionately spoke. Dozens of cameras clicked away.

Etc, etc, etc.

Determinism as a philosophical catch-all-to-explain-every-pathology truly has no bounds.

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