Cuban Illegals in Ecuador ask for Direct Airlift to U.S.

Drudge linked to this story from the Miami Herald:

Roxana Acanda, a Cuban who has lived in Ecuador since 2013, is about to start the long trek from Quito to the United States.

Although she does not know exactly when she will leave for Panama — where about 3,500 undocumented Cubans are stranded because neighboring Costa Rica closed its borders to them — the 35-year-old Acanda, a college graduate in social studies from Sancti Spíritus, knows her departure is imminent.

Ecuador is suffering through an economic crisis, she says, and Cubans are feeling the rejection by Ecuadorans who complain that migrants are taking their jobs.

Why are we, de facto, forcing ‘refugees’ to make dangerous treks on flotillas (or vis-à-vis dangerous smugglers and the like) to better their lives?

How many more Alan Kurdis must die trying to make it to Western Europe?

Alan Kurdi

Alan Kurdi

How many more ‘Dreamers’ must die trying to make it to the U.S.?

It seems to me that the next logical extension of the ‘moral argument’ for allowing refugees into the West is to directly airlift them from wherever they are – be it Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, or Syria – into the Western country of their choice.

Isn’t it immoral to not do this?

Pope Francis would surely agree.

What possible argument could one provide against taking this position?

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