Dark Enlightenment

In “Visualizing Neoreaction“, the Habitable Worlds blog has an interesting post on the growing smorgasbord of ‘neoreactionary movement’ (of which the blog of yours truly would be defined as). Hat tip: HBD Chick.

It’s a sign of maturity that the neoreactionary movement has begun to go “meta” on itself. Scholars of the Dark Enlightenment are beginning to ask self-reflexive questions about who they are, where divisions lie, and what it all means.

1. AnomalyUK frames neoreaction as a critique of the abstract ideals of democracy, justice, and equality.

2. Nick Land charts three paths in neoreaction: traditional theonomists, ethno-nationalists, and techno-commercialists.

3. Spandrell charts more or less the same paths: religious/traditionalist, ethnic/nationalist, and futurist/capitalist.

4. At Thumotic, Frost categorizes neoreactionaries as secular, Christian, and nihilistic.

Best of all, Habitable Worlds provides a ‘topography of Neoreactionary Space’:


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