Death of the West: Pt. 2,331,718

From the Daily Telegraph (hat tip: S. Sailer):

White working class children are being “marginalised” at school after being forced to follow a multicultural timetable that shuns British traditions, according to research.

Large numbers of schools follow a curriculum that celebrates a “diverse range of pupils” while sidelining those from poor British families, it was claimed.

Head teachers told how they ran numerous projects such as Black History Month and “cultural days” to raise awareness of countries such as Portugal, Poland and Jamaica.

But it was claimed that white British pupils from deprived homes often “cannot see themselves or their lives reflected in the curriculum”, turning them off school altogether…

The researchers make a normative suggestion:

Researchers called on the Department for Education to develop a “curriculum that treats white British identity in the same way as ethnic minorities”.

It’ll be a cold day in Hell before that ever happens.

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