Democrats Reeling

In the LAT is a piece looking at the conundrum the Democrat Party finds itself in (“For reeling Democrats, now what?”)

Veteran Democratic strategist Mark Mellman, who served as the pollster for John F. Kerry’s unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2004, said the party needed as well to find a way to talk with white voters.

“We have some people upset with the cultural direction of the country,” Mellman said, “and to win, Democrats have to find a way to advance principles and causes that we believe in, while not angering those people in quite the same way.”….

The Dems, however, are now hostage to the increasingly radical promises they’ve been making to their Coalition of the Fringes. And these promises (e.g., solidarity with BLM; open borders; pandering to every LGBTQRSTUV whim, etc.) are directly at odds with the desires and collective interests of middle class whites.

So, what’s a Dems to do?

Even with what happened Tuesday, one argument went, Democrats remain poised to benefit from the decreasing strength of white voters and the increasing numbers of nonwhites, the young, and women.

“The reality is the country is changing demographically and those demographic changes do work in our direction,” Mellman said. “They don’t guarantee anything, obviously, but they do work in that direction.”

But if Tuesday offered any lessons, it was that, unless deftly done, trying to appeal to those ascendant voters risks offending the party’s thinning ranks of white voters, particularly working-class men.

In other words, Dems need to pray for the dying of the white race.

Their continued, morning after ‘explanation’ of Trump’s win as nothing more than ‘racism’ will only alienate WI, MI, and PA more in the coming years.

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