Derb on Jewish Eugenics

Anytime John Derbyshire mentions Kevin MacDonald, it’s a good thing:

The contradiction between the vigorous, unapologetic ethnonationalism of Jews in Israel and the horror of other peoples’ ethnonationalism expressed by Jews elsewhere has been a recurrent topic here on—see, most recently, Is Immigration Really A ‘Jewish Value’? by Kevin MacDonald.

I think this contradiction is not hard to understand. If you are the ethnic majority in a nation, it is natural to wish to maintain the dominance of your ethny; if you belong to a minority ethny, especially one with as sorrowful a history as the Jews, it is just as natural to be hostile to the dominance of any other.

But these simple truths need restating, because the very peculiar cultural history of the Western world through the past few decades, leading to the widespread state of mind among whites that I call ethnomasochism, has made them nonobvious.

Derb’s latest piece is a review of the new book Jewish Eugenics by John Glad.

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