Dirty Chinese Restaurant

From FNC:

A mobile game developer in Toronto, Ontario, is seeing a wave of backlash after announcing a new app called “Dirty Chinese Restaurant.”

The game, developed by a company called Big-O-Tree Games, tasks players with assuming the role of Wong Fu, a restaurateur who inherited the titular “dirty” establishment from his brother. The objective is to turn the restaurant into a thriving establishment, but players are allowed to run the business as “honest or dishonest” as they desire, and they have the option of killing stray dogs and cats to serve to customers, or running the kitchen like a “sweatshop,” reports the International Business Times

According to Big-O-Tree’s website, however, this kind of controversy may be exactly what they intended. The landing page for Big-O-Tree Games currently features a message reading “being politically correct is so … boring,” and the company also writes that it aims to make “offbeat games we know you want to play, but you didn’t think anyone had the cojones to make!”


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