Dreher on ‘Iconoclasm And Violence’

Is Rod Dreher beginning to get based?

This morning I picked up a book from my shelves that I haven’t looked at since it came out in 2004: the late political scientist Samuel Huntington’s Who Are We? The Challenges To America’s National Identity. It was startling to read Huntington in light of recent events, including most of all the Trump election. It was even more startling — and deeply dismaying — to read Huntington and consider that the odious white nationalists might have a clearer understanding of what’s going on now than respectable people. ..

Whites, in sum, will start to act like any other ethnic or racial group in America. I have to confess that reading Huntington makes me question the (yes, liberal) media narrative on this new battlefront in the culture wars. Broadly speaking, the media construe the conflict as racist whites reacting to minority progress. No doubt there’s truth to that, but that is not the whole truth, or even most of the truth.

I read Dreher because he may be a good case study in how a protyptical ‘Christian humanist’ (e.g. pathological altruism, refusal to see race as a salient factor, let alone the central factor) may begin to get red-pilled as the evidence starts to pile up against his pious axioms.

[Huntington] says that historically, American identity has involved four key components: Race, Ethnicity, Culture (especially language and religion), and Ideology. Race and ethnicity as a defining core of nation is long gone.

Race and ethnicity are not long gone. This country was 90% white and Christian until 1965, which is the vast majority of America’s existence. If, ala Huntington, you consider the pre-1776 early settlements and colonies (which goes as far back as the late 1500s), then you are talking 380 years of America being a predominately white Christian country. That the U.S. has been a relatively racially homogenous nation was a self-evident and uncontroversial fact, and allowed norms and a trust-based society to evolve and make America a powerhouse.

It has only been since 1965 that the traditional racial balance of the U.S. (which had a rational immigration bias towards Europeans) has been completely upended. Lower IQ, high-fertility immigrants from the Third World now comprise the vast majority of U.S. (and European) immigration. This upending is what has led to the crisis we’re in. No matter which way you look at it, whether here in the U.S. or in any other country, race matters. Not only does it ‘matter’, but it is quite likely the most central aspect of the whole dynamic.

The PBS/Marist poll that Dreher cites shows that 60% of blacks believe the Confederate statues should remain. Think about that. It doesn’t square with The Narrative, namely, that ALL blacks monolithically see the very name “Lee” and shudder in horror. The people driving the ‘tear down the statues!’ hysteria are primarily young, spoiled, self-loathing, virtue-signaling, progressive whites from Superzips, people taught at their colleges that whiteness is evil and oppression incarnate. Newer generations of white kids will increasingly rebel against this P.C. “drowning in the tears of white guilt” debasement.

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