Dreher vs Prog Race Hate

Rod Dreher is upset at the reaction to Esquire magazine’s cover story on Ryan Morgan, a white middle-class teenager form the Midwest. Even though Esquire’s editor says there will be future pieces on the experiences of LGBT teenagers, black teenager experiences, etc., the SJW harpies are upset that Esquire would provide empathetic coverage of a (gasp) white male.

To Rod, I say: They are going to call you a white supremacist for simply pointing out their anti-white animus. This is not going to stop. Ever. Certainly not as perpetual-victim POC groups (with an insatiable appetite for real or imagined historical grievances) grow demographically, with whites slated for minority status circa 2040. There won’t magically be equality of outcomes and the ‘end of racism’ once whites are a minority. Group differences (based on race) will continue and the Last White Man in the room will be not only be blamed, his relative ‘privilege’ serving as prima facia evidence, but will be punished accordingly. In perpetuity.

The only rational response is for whites to do what every other racial bloc does: establish identitarian groups (e.g., Congressional White Caucus, etc.), not to punish or reward persons based on their race, but simply to lobby on behalf of the collective, shared interests of whites… just as Asians, blacks, and Latinos do.

This is not ‘white supremacy’. Nor is it ‘white nationalism’. This is a rational form of ‘white identitarianism’.

There is nothing irrational or defeatist about it.

The alternative is to be the one racial group vainly pretending that race is not a salient factor in culture and domestic politics. One could argue such a position is tantamount to pathological altruism.

We aren’t going to reverse the massive depletion of social capital and trust that multiculturalism engenders (e.g., Robert Putnam’s findings) with pleas to ‘look past race’.

The late founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, is famous for observing: “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” This axiom led Yew to state, years later, that “multiculturalism will destroy America.”

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