Dresden Riots

Germany, a country half the size of Texas and with a current immigrant-heavy population of about 80 million, is being completely overrun by an illegal immigrant crisis, or what the MSM calls a ‘migrant crisis’:

The number of people seeking asylum in Germany is predicted to soar to 750,000 this year according to reports, amid warnings by the United Nations that it and Sweden are unfairly bearing the brunt of Europe’s refugee burden…

Thomas Oppermann, the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic party – the junior coalition partner to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union – said that while he had not seen the latest figures, he believed the number could climb to 800,000 based on the information he had.

Think about that: 800,000 Muslim or African (or, worst of all, both) immigrants… in just one year.

This means there will be another 800,000 next year, etc.

Within this context is news of Dresden rioting this weekend. No, it’s not the par-for-the-course rioting by illegals, as we’re used to being the norm on any ‘rioting’ story, but against illegals, by indigenous Germans:

Up to 1,000 protesters have clashed with police in eastern Germany in riots reportedly sparked by the arrival of 250 migrants.

Police said protesters shouting “foreigners out” and carrying banners against the “asylum flood” threw bottles and stones at busloads of asylum seekers arriving in Heidenau, near Dresden.

At least 31 officers were hurt in violent scuffles as police used tear gas to disperse crowds.

And, of course, the protesters doing the clashing can’t be average Germans. No way. They are ‘right wing neo-Nazis’ you see. For that is the only thing you can be when you protest the massive influx of non-Western immigrants into your already, non-Western-immigrant-saturated country.

The protest was hijacked by a group of far-right radicals, many belonging to the militant National Democratic Party (NPD), considered a neo-Nazi organisation.

This attitude will be changing, in short order.

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