Drug-Smuggling Tunnel From Mexico To America With Electricity Supply & Rail System

What border security problem?

A drug-smuggling tunnel running 160 yards between Mexico and the US was uncovered by authorities yesterday.

The passageway – which was equipped with electricity, ventilation and a rail system – formed a secret link between the border town of Tijuana and San Diego, California.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice said: “It has not been utilised.

“We were able to shutter it before it was utilised to bring drugs into the US interior.”

Customs officers seized more than eight tons of marijuana and 320lb of cocaine packed in suitcases following the discovery.

Officials have not revealed the location of the recently-finished tunnel, which is 65ft below ground, but reports claimed it began close to Tijuana’s international airport.

More than 75 similar smuggling tunnels have been discovered since 2008.

The latest one customs described as “a just completed, highly sophisticated underground passageway”.

The tunnel is the eighth discovered close to San Diego since 2006.

In 2010, officials confiscated 22 tons of drugs from a 700-yard tunnel equipped with rail tracks stretching from a Tijuana home to two San Diego warehouses.

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