Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise has yet another sci-fi-film-cum-Scientology-Analogue in the upcoming (and blandly named) film Edge of Tomorrow:

Ever wonder what Hollywood might cook up it it ever crossed Groundhog Day with Predator?

In Edge of Tomorrow, director Doug Limon (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Bourne Identity) explores the possibilities of aliens and time loops in the upcoming spring release, which asks the cinematic question: What would happen if you drop Phil Connors in the middle of Starship Troopers?

In the film, the Cruise plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage, a futuristic soldier attempting to stop an alien invasion.

I have little doubt that the projects Tom Cruise elects to work on, especially in the past 15 years, correlate highly with his obsession with Scientology cosmology.

L. Ron Hubbard believed that having the book cover of Dianetics depict a volcano exploding would, upon the masses seeing such an image, trigger “ancient memories” about the whole Xenu incident. Similarly, I’m sure Cruise believes the same about movies and the overall power of the image.

Nonetheless, in the sci-fi genre at least, Cruise doesn’t choose crap projects. Regardless of Cruise’s motivations for doing Edge of Tomorrow, the film is based on a Japanese novel called All You Need Is Kill, which sound promising.

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