El Hombre no es Conservador

¡Jeb! recently criticized Trump in Spanish while speaking at (you can’t make this up) “La Progresiva Presbyterian School in Little Havana”. Among other things, ¡Jeb! said “El hombre no es conservador.”

To this, Trump responded:

“He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States,” Mr. Trump told Breitbart News in an interview.



The JYT, naturally preferring a RINO like ¡Jeb! to be the GOP’s primary winner, then predictably finds this comment by Trump horrifying. And so does ¡Jeb!:

Mr. Bush’s campaign manager, Danny Diaz, took to Twitter on Wednesday to scold Mr. Trump for being against the Spanish language and to accuse him of trying to destroy the Republican Party with his divisive language.

Steve Sailer nails it when he writes:

Jeb dividing his campaigning up into two separate languages is, of course, not divisive, it’s diverse! As we all known, divisive and diversity are antonyms. Therefore, people like Trump who encourage unity of the American political information sphere are divisive, while Jeb addressing different audiences in different languages brings us together by making it harder for us to monitor what he’s saying. Diversity enables divide and conquer, so diversity is therefore Good; while unifying the public to resist conquest is divisive and therefore Bad.

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