Fake News in Sweden

The ‘fake news’ epidemic is even hitting Sweden!

Researchers at the Stockholm School of Economics and market researcher company NEPA said the country is becoming increasingly divided with regards to where people get their news.

Half of those surveyed get their news primarily from sources other than the established media, and people in this group “are also very active in sharing content with others online via social media”. Twenty-one per cent of Swedes said they distrust the mainstream media altogether.

Something must be done!

Under new plans unveiled by the government in November, current press subsidies — which are also available to alternative media outlets — will be abolished from 2018. With the media report grants set to replace subsidies, an “industry committee” consisting of mainstream media figures will be given the right to determine which competitors are granted taxpayers’ cash.

Taxpayer-funded subsidies to the MSM? And the countdown for when the NYT argues for the same thing here in the States commences…. NOW!

Last month, Sweden’s culture minister, Alice Bah Kuhnke, told Facebook that they must censor so-called “fake news” voluntarily or else face “compulsory measures” by the government.

It’s not compulsion when it’s done ‘voluntarily’.

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