FBI Investigating Kent State Prof for ISIS Link

From CBS:

The FBI is investigating a professor at Kent State University for allegedly having ties to terrorism, CBS affiliate WOIO reports.

Citing an FBI source, WOIO reports that a joint terrorism task force has been investigating Julio Pino for his alleged involvement with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The FBI told CBS News’ Paula Reid that it would not reveal details of its investigation, saying “because this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment.” Reid reports that the FBI has open ISIS-related cases in all 50 states. The bureau does not expect charges to be filed in the immediate future.

Officials told WOIO that the associate history professor is also accused of allegedly recruiting students to join the terror group.

A Muslim named Julio Pino. Now, that’s a two-fer!

Maybe he’s also gay or transgendered… which would make him a three-fer!

Now, that would guarantee him tenure!

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