Feminist JAPCATs

Materializations of the JAPCAT phenomenon (i.e., the niche journalistic phenomenon wherein progressive Jewish liberals, when they find themselves on the receiving end of totalitarian Politically Correctness, begin to question such Political Correctness) are appearing almost daily now.

In The Nation, Katha Pollitt, noted leftie feminist and Brooklyn Jew, has a piece titled “Feminism Needs More Thinkers Who Aren’t Right 100 Percent of the Time”. She briefly details her attempt to invite leftie feminist Germain Greer to a college campus, only to have the new breed of SJWs attempt to stifle the event. Enter one Rachael Melhuish:

… a women’s officer at the Cardiff University Students’ Union in Wales, it seems. She’s trying to get Greer disinvited from speaking at her school. But she isn’t particularly concerned with Greer’s views on female genital mutilation or patriarchal family structures in the developing world. What she objects to is Greer’s “transphobia”—her “misogynistic” belief, expressed with characteristic exasperation on the BBC and elsewhere, that trans women are not real women.

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