FNC: Duke Interview

FNC’s Alan Colmes has an interview with David Duke.

Listen to hate-rhetoric Duke spews:

COLMES: What’s your reaction to the White House’s statement about you?

DUKE: In the first place, I didn’t even endorse Donald Trump, I’m going to vote for him… I’m presented as a white supremacist all the time. You’ve been interviewing me for years. You know that I’ve never embraced that term… I have a concern about the well-being European-Americans in this country.

COLMES: Do you call yourself a white nationalist?

DUKE: I don’t even call myself that. Do you know what I call myself is a human rights activist. I believe human rights must be accorded to all people, all heritages and all nations. I believe that European-Americans – I think that the government of our country is embarked on a purposeful program to destroy the European people in American by making us a tiny minority in the nation that our forefathers created. Our people created and wrote the Constitution of the United States, made the great Revolution against the British Empire which gave us the nation our foundation, our culture, our great technological achievements, our educational achievements, and we are being – there’s a racism going on because the government is purposely embarked on a program by allowing this immigration and discriminating, by the way, in the way they do the immigration structure that’s intended to make us a minority.

On the Jewish Question:

DUKE: It’s not anti-Semitic for the American people to want a government in the interest of the majority of the American people, not the Jewish establishment. And there are some Jews that oppose this and I honor them… I really admire the Jews who’ve stood up against Jewish racism, Jewish tribalists.

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