Frau Merkel

According British bookmaker William Hill, Angela Merkel — a woman who is singlehandedly exacerbating Germany’s cultural suicide — is the #1 favorite to win tomorrow’s Nobel Peace Prize, a once-great prize whose cache has been completely dissolved in recent decades by complete and total leftwing politicization by the electing Committee.

Meanwhile, Mother Angela is getting increasingly impatient (not very ‘peace’-like) with the Eastern bloc’s resistance to her dicates of pathological altruism. From Reuters:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel rounded on east European governments that refuse to take in refugees, accusing them of yielding to prejudice and ignoring their own history, the Politico website reported on Thursday…

The conservative [huh?! – Ed] German leader assailed the response of Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and some Baltic leaders to Europe’s refugee crisis, without naming them, saying they should know better having lived behind a fence themselves.

“We eastern Europeans — I’m counting myself as an eastern European — we have seen that isolation doesn’t help,” Merkel, who grew up in communist East Germany, was quoted as saying.

“The refugees won’t be stopped if we just build fences … and I’ve lived behind a fence for long enough.”…

What is it with the Left not being able to see the difference between fences designed to keep the civilians from leaving (East Germany) with fences designed to keep foreigners from invading (Hungary, Israel, etc.)?

Conservative Hungarian leader Victor Orban and centre-left Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico have attacked Merkel for throwing open Germany’s borders to Syrian refugees, saying she has triggered a surge of migrants that Europe cannot cope with and that threatens its “Christian values”.

The chancellor dismissed such arguments, saying: “It’s not acceptable that we have free movement of goods and of people, but that some countries say ‘this we can’t do, and that we can’t, and we can’t take in Syrians, because we’re not ready yet’.

“When someone says: ‘This is not my Europe, I won’t accept Muslims’ … I have to say, this is not negotiable,” Politico quoted her as saying. “Who are we to defend Christians around the world if we say we won’t accept a Muslim or a mosque in our country? That won’t do.”

With comments like that, Merkel is cementing her Nobel chances.

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