Fresh ‘Refugees’ = Culprits of Germany Molestations

Germany confirms asylum seekers are suspected in New Year’s Eve assaults” reports WaPo. From Nobel Peace Prize nominee Angela Merkel’s pathological altruism (as well as Finland’s and Sweden’s):

Refugees01BERLIN — At least 21 asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa are suspects in the New Year’s Eve rampage of sexual assaults and thefts in the German city of Cologne, authorities said, as word emerged of similar acts in Finland and Sweden as well as other German cities — including the alleged gang rape of two teenage girls by four Syrian men….

Out of the 34 suspects, 21 were asylum seekers — and the majority of those, the spokesman said, arrived this past year. The 34 reportedly include 10 Algerians, 10 Moroccans, five Iranians, four Syrians, two Germans, one American, one Serbian and one Iraqi.

34 ‘refugees’ and only 4 of them are from Syria. Imagine that.

I cracked up at this line:

Officials said it was not clear whether the attacks had been coordinated.

Right, because it couldn’t possibly be the common denominator of Islamic culture’s inherently predatory opinion of Western kafir women.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Deutschland, we see the results of open-minded, liberal German parents not giving their daughters a variation of Derb’s The Talk:

In another incident, police in the southwestern German city of Weil am Rhein took four Syrian nationals into custody in connection with an alleged gang rape of two girls, ages 14 and 15.

The suspects in that case included a 21-year-old Syrian refugee and his 15-year-old brother, who is in the process of seeking asylum. The status of the other two, both 14, was not disclosed, but they were said to be residents of the Netherlands and Switzerland. At least some of the men, police said, had known the girls, who apparently went willingly to the apartment of the eldest Syrian. But the girls told police that what began as a consensual encounter became rape, authorities said in a statement.

Meanwhile, among everyday native Germans (aka ‘racists’):

The incidents have sparked outrage on social media and are giving new strength to critics who insist Germany is staring down the barrel of a culture clash between the newcomers and Western norms.

“The extent of the contempt and assaults by Arab men, who see women as fair game because they do not dress according to the expectations of their cultural group, is hair-raising,” Julia Klöckner, deputy chairwoman of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, told the Rheinische Post newspaper Friday.

That a Merkel-aligned politician says this is significant.

Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe, where P.C. never took hold, healthy, common sense, nationalistic identitarianism reaffirms itself:

On Thursday, Slovakia reiterated its stance that it would seek to block “immigration from Muslim countries.”

“We don’t want something like what happened in Germany taking place in Slovakia,” the country’s prime minister, Robert Fico, told reporters.

The Big Problem, however, isn’t young Muslim males invading the West and exacerbating the Clash of Civilizations… no, the problem is native Western Europeans getting angry about ‘refugee’ rape and molestation of European women:

Refugee advocates, meanwhile, said they feared the attacks were feeding a growing sense of paranoia. “I am concerned about the atmosphere in the country,” said Stefan Kessler, legal and policy officer at the Jesuit Refugee Service. “There is the danger that already existing prejudice against young men from North Africa will intensify.”

As social scientist Frank Harpending notes (hat tip: Occidental Observer), when citizenship becomes a ‘hallowed-out legalism’, civil conflict and violence ensues.

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