G-L-O-R-I-A!.. Gloria!

CNN’s Gloria Borger, whose unwarranted pomposity is most difficult to watch, makes an argument only a truly cacooned, MSM robot could make:

Speaking with anchor Brooke Baldwin, Borger said that the GOP had muddled its anti-Affordable Care Act message by pursuing a strategy which could result in a government shutdown. She said that the tactics embraced by Congressional Republicans have prevented the media from focusing on the ACA’s failures

“I’m not quite sure they haven’t stepped on their own message,” CNN’s chief political analyst said of the House GOP after noting that she was unclear as to what the Republicans in Congress were trying to accomplish with this latest and likely ill-fated push against the ACA.

There have been lots of problems with it,” Borger said of the ACA.

In point of fact, Ted Cruz was talking about the problems with Obamacare, but Gloria & here echo-chamber cohorts were too busy framing a narrative of ‘anarchist’ fringe Republicans seeking to shut down the gummint.

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