Gettin’ Meta With Martin

Given that MLK himself plagiarized as a graduate student, what an appropriate way for Mr. Whitaker to celebrate the modern day martyr:

A history professor at Arizona State University who was demoted last year following an inquiry into plagiarism accusations has agreed to resign but will continue to be paid more than $200,000 in salary over the next 16 months, The Arizona Republic reports.

University officials released a statement on Friday saying the professor, Matthew C. Whitaker, had “voluntarily resigned from his position as associate professor and co-director of the Center for Race and Democracy.”

Mr. Whitaker had been demoted in June 2015 from full professor to associate professor, and from director to co-director of the center, after a university-commissioned investigation found “significant issues” with the content of a recent book of his, Peace Be Still: Modern Black America From World War II to Barack Obama.

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