Glenn Beck Discovers the Alt Right’s Dr. Evil

This recent harangue by Glenn Beck (he’s still alive!) is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. Beck dons full tin foil hat on this one, arguing that the Alt Right, and Europe’s Identitarian & other populist movements, are part of a global conspiracy masterminded by…. drumroll… Alexander Dugin!

Yes, Dugin is the puppetmaster, and Beck’s chalk board shows him at the Center of Octopus. These dastardly villains are creating “a TIDES Foundation for the Right” and are “a threat to the entire world… the new Nazi movement”, etc.

Oh, and Dugin’s The Fourth Political Theory “is the Mein Kampf of the movement.”

The ‘At Charlottesville, Jared Taylor disguised himself with a wig to look like a Frenchman’ bit is gold, Jerry, gold!

To think, Beck used to talk about Alinsky and the Frankfurt School. Man, this guy’s descent is truly a fireball to behold.

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