Google: SJWs vs. HBD

Gizmodo reports on a viral “Anti Diversity Screed” that is circulating at Google. The writer of the ‘screed’ politely points out some HBD and various cultural factors that may account for the male/female employee-count gap at Google (instead of simply citing the cause as ‘sexism’).

The Gizmodo comments are a hoot and show exactly why progressive environments are so openly hostile at conservative thought (one of the very points the ‘screed’s writer was making.)

UPDATE (8/8/17): And…. the author has been fired from Google, for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

David French writes:

But just because something is legal does not mean it’s right, and the result is a crisis in the culture of free speech in the United States. As the politicization of everything proceeds apace, the “company line” has increasingly moved well beyond promoting its own products to promoting a particular kind of politics. Major corporations and virtually every university in the nation are now political entities just as much as they’re commercial entities, and they wear their progressivism on their sleeves.

The primary victims of this new culture of groupthink are social conservatives and other dissenters from identity politics. In field after field and company after company, conservatives understand that the price of their employment is silence. Double standards abound, and companies intentionally try to keep work environments “safe” from disagreement. Radical sexual and racial politics are given free rein. Disagree — and lose your job.

UPDATE (8/9/17): Stefan Molyneaux has scored an interview with James Damore, the fired Google employee. He is not a conservative per se, and his perspective is heavily influenced by the admirable work of Jonathan Haidt.

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