Goy, Bye!

Upon news of Steve Bannon’s WH departure, the original HuffPo headline emblazoned across their website was this:

What this says about about one of the most influential leftist platforms on the interweb is rather astonishing. The Goy lost and the Jews won.

With Bannon out, some on the far left and far right believe, Trump’s inner circle is now top heavy with Goldman Sachs-types (e.g., Cohn, Mnuchin, and Javanka.)  That is certainly not lost on the HuffPo Editorial Board who approved this headline. HuffPo’s Leadership is:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Jared Grusd
  • Editor-in-Chief: Lydia Polgreen
  • Head of Product: Julia Beizer
  • Head of Video: Shelley Venus
  • Chief of Staff: Christina Moniodis
  • Head of Business Development: Mark Silverstein
  • Head of Operations: Vincent Wu

The publication has since quietly renamed the story to “White Flight”.

Occidental Dissent processes this event in distilled poetic form.

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