Graham Can’t Dance

The Queen of S.C., Sen. Lindsey Graham, can’t pander enough, constantly reinforcing the MSM/Dem/GOPE meme that Hispanics are a monolithic blob that all vote in unison… around one issue:

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Wednesday sympathized with Hispanics who dislike Republicans, in part because of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration.

To the Hispanic community, I get it why you don’t like us,” Graham said during the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit. “I mean, who’s going to vote for somebody that’s gonna deport their grandmother?”

In March, the former GOP presidential candidate suggested that Trump should have been expelled from the Republican Party and accused him of exacerbating the party’s troubles with Hispanics.

“He took our problems in 2012 with Hispanics and made them far worse by espousing forced deportation,” Graham said then. “Looking back, we should have basically kicked him out of the party.”

Graham expressed disbelief at where the party has gone in just a few years.

I look forward to the day Graham, McCain, and their ilk are vanquished from the political scene, either through time or a New Politics.

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