Hollywood is Racist – Pt. 24,912

Amidst the increasingly Godzilla-like stompings of Political Correctness taking place across the cultural landscape, it is great to watch the Left eat its own.

There’s no better place to enjoy watching this than in Hollywood.

Showrunners for New TV Season Remain Mostly White and Male” is the lead story in Variety:

A Variety investigation into new scripted shows for the 2016-17 season reveals that 90% of showrunners are white, and almost 80% are male.

This is based on information provided by the five broadcast networks, which gave Variety the names of the showrunners of their new scripted programs (a total of 50 across 38 new series). Variety independently confirmed the race and gender of each, via multiple sources.

Below are all the names used in the statistical compilation:

  • Liz Friedman (white female)
  • Liz Friedlander (white female)
  • Josh Berman (white male)
  • Kevin Williamson (white male)
  • Kat Likkel (white female)
  • John Hoberg (white male)
  • Richard Weiner (white male)
  • Kenneth Schwartz (white male)
  • Scott Silveri (white male)
  • David Guggenheim (white male)
  • Simon Kinberg (white male)
  • Kiefer Sutherland (white male)
  • Mark Gordon (white male)
  • Nick Pepper (white male)
  • Suzan Bymel (white female)
  • Aditya Sood (South Asian male)
  • Heather Mitchell (white female)
  • Shonda Rhimes (African-American female)
  • Betsy Beers (white female)
  • Michael Goldstein (white male)
  • Michael Offer (white male)
  • Matt Miller (white male)
  • Rolin Jones (white male)
  • Manny Coto (Hispanic male)
  • Evan Katz (white male)
  • Trey Calloway (white male)
  • Tom Donaghy (white male)
  • Paul Scheuring (white male)
  • Gina Prince-Bythewood (African-American female)
  • Kevin Falls (white male)
  • Sally Bradford (white female)
  • John Chernin (white male)
  • Dave Chernin (white male)
  • Julius “Goldy” Sharpe (white male)
  • Mark Goffman (white male)
  • Peter Lenkov (white male)
  • Jason Katims (white male)
  • Barry Schindel (white male)
  • Tony Phelan (white male)
  • Joan Rater (white female)
  • Rock Reuben (white male)
  • Chris Harris (white male)
  • Jeff Filgo (white male)
  • Jackie Filgo (white female)
  • Tracey Wigfield: (white female)
  • Chris Moynihan (white male)
  • Mike Schur (white male)
  • Jeff Astrof (white male)
  • Matt Miller (white male)
  • Ben Queen (white male)
  • Monica Owusu-Breen (African-American female)
  • Eric Kripke (white male)
  • Shawn Ryan (white male)
  • Dan Fogelman (white male)
  • Alexander Cary (white male)
  • David Schulner (white male)
  • Shaun Cassidy (white male)

Now, I can’t quite place it, but I sense… a pattern… in the vast majority of ‘white’ names.

Jews won’t protest, because to say “We’re Jewish, not White” would call attention to their Jewishness, which isn’t the ostensible complaint of the P.C. crowd; it is their ‘whiteness’.

Variety‘s headline, after all, isn’t “Showrunners for New TV Season Remain Mostly Jewish”.

This episode demonstrates a form of the inevitable blowback to Jews, from their long tradition of posing as ‘white’ when it’s convenient, and then posing as a ‘minority’ when its otherwise convenient.

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