How Fascism Sneaks Into Pop Culture

From a leftist article “How Does Fascism Sneak Into Pop Culture?”:

Alexander Reid Ross, a geography instructor at Portland State University and author of the February 2017 book Against the Fascist Creep, explains that, historically, fascists have infiltrated mainstream culture because fascism focuses on the idea of “rebirth both from left- and right-wing ideologies.” In the case of the arts and humanities, fascists have sometimes usurped ostensibly progressive movements, such as Romanticism, and used them to advance their agenda. Fascists have traditionally physically interrupted performance art in order to spread their message as well.

The fascist tradition of using the arts as vehicles for expanding the movement is visible in the U.S. today, in some cases in eerily similar ways to the original rise of European fascism in the early 20th century. In an interview with Pacific Standard, Ross discussed the ways fascists have historically snuck into mainstream cultural milieus, why progressives sometimes fall for fascist infiltrators, and how entertainment media played a role in the election of Trump.

The piece actually cites former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer being allowed to speak at the recent Emmy Awards as an example of ‘creeping fascism’.


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