Identity at Evergreen State

Gateway Pundit reports:

Evergreen State students are using anti-Semitic sentiments to silence Bret Weinstein saying that he’s using his Jewish background to “invalidate the claims of racism being raised against him.”

Weinstein emailed students and faculty several weeks ago to object to the insane request being made that white members of the school not show up for one day for a “day of white absence”.

A letter, signed by “some Jewish students at Evergreen bent on the destruction of white supremacy” accused Weinstein of using his “Jewishness” as an excuse for his alleged “anti-black language and behavior”.

This brings up a couple of interesting points:

  1. The Left is finding ever-creative ways to eat their own.
  2. There is an ability among certain ‘whites’ (aka Jews) to hide behind Victimhood status when it’s convenient.
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