Impressions: Propertarian Institute & H. L. Mencken Club Conferences

My “Impressions of the Propertarian Institute & H. L. Mencken Club Conferences” is up at Counter-Currents:

Having gone to various types of conferences in my life — corporate, libertarian, etc. — I can say that the lasting benefits of these things tend to be less in the actual talks or panels themselves than in the social opportunities for hobnobbing, networking, and just plain socializing. Meeting like-minded individuals, discussing with each other how we arrived at our positions, exchanging book recommendations, and hitting the hotel bar is what you remember most about a conference.

In the past couple of months, I’ve gone to my first two Dissident Right-oriented conferences, Curt Doolittle’s half-day Propertarian Institute Conference on “Western Civilization: Circumventing the Frankfurt and Postmodern Schools” held in NYC in September, and the recent annual H. L. Mencken Club Conference in Baltimore which Paul Gottfried has been putting together for the past ten years and which just wrapped up this past Sunday.

So, in this spirit of the social aspects of conferences, below are some general impressions of my experiences at these two, with an emphasis on the sorts of people I encountered…

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