Inside LA’s Most Exclusive Sex Party

It’s rather uncontroversial that Hollywood is very disproportionately run by Jews. Always has been and most likely always will be.

And Hollywood has a wide penchant for everything from pedophilia to polyamory to Eyes Wide Shut styled orgies.

Given how the porn industry itself is a brainchild of, and dominated by, a very small slice of ethnic Americans, one can see Hollywood as the pinnacle of the porn industry.

The result of all this has been tantamount to the most libertine Tribe voices (arguably the most libertine Tribe voices in the world) infusing American Culture with, over the course of especially the past 60 years, a systematic undermining of all forms of white Anglo traditions, whether such traditions are explicitly Christian or conservative, secularized variants thereof.

We are now in an era where commercials for Ashley Madison air on major network channels.

Today, the NY Post has a story titled “Inside LA’s most exclusive sex party”:

We’re at Snctm, an exclusive monthly sex party held in Los Angeles and occasionally New York, where the rich, powerful and pleasure-seeking indulge their kinkiest fantasies.

The parties are the brainchild of Damon Lawner, a divorced 45-year-old with two young kids. Lawner founded Snctm in February 2013 after spending years throwing high-end, but not erotic, events in Bali. He now hosts sex parties full time. Tonight’s event is an intimate affair for 99 people and features two performances: a live threesome and a sexy fire-eating show.

“I’m really lucky,” Lawner tells me, his blue eyes twinkling.

Single men pay $1,850 per party, or $1,500 if they come with a female partner. For the erotic elite, there’s an annual Dominus membership for $75,000, which includes admission to all parties, a sterling-silver necklace with a lion pendant and access to private rooms at parties and Lawner’s network of sex experts. The high-level membership is currently limited to just 11 men and one woman, ranging from Grammy-winning musicians to successful businessmen, according to Lawner.

One of them, as the article reveals in its opening paragraphs, is reprobate [1](Bill Maher).

What else might we expect from [2](Lawner) in the future?

Lawner is working to take Snctm beyond Beverly Hills. He plans to host a party on a yacht at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and do two events in New York in September for Fashion Week.

He also says he’s in talks with Showtime to do an 8-part documentary, and with Fox to do a scripted show on his life with ‘Glee” producer Brad Falchuk. Falchuk is dating Gwyneth Paltrow, whose Web site, Goop, has positively covered Snctm. Lawner says Falchuk and Paltrow have come to parties together.

You can view a clip of a typical ‘event’ at Snctm’s website. I expect they’ll take the clip down rather soon.

I, for one, would hazard to guess that Snctm is not the ‘most exclusive’ sex club in Hollywood, that there are very likely much more ‘exclusive’ clubs-of-perversion in La La Land. Who knows, maybe there are really exclusive clubs that involve… I don’t know… pizza parties.

If you had to guess yourself, what would you lean the probability toward?


1 (Bill Maher
2 (Lawner
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