Italy: Ex-Pat Murdered by ‘Refugee’

The blonde expat recently murdered in Florence, Italy was killed by an illegal immigrant from Senegal.

Imagine that.

The man arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of an American woman found strangled in her Italian apartment last weekend was identified by authorities Thursday as an illegal immigrant from Senegal.

Chief Prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo told a news conference in Florence that DNA traces found on a condom, a cigarette butt and under Ashley Olsen’s fingernails matched that of Cheik Tidiane Diaw, 27, who arrived in Italy a few months ago.

Creazzo added that Olsen’s skull was fractured twice before she was strangled with a cord or a rope. The prosecutor said the fractures were inflicted so violently that they alone would have killed Olsen.

Ashley’s own attraction to ‘exotic’ men, so it would seem, is a contributing factor to her own demise:

Olsen, 35, was found nude on her bed in her rented apartment on Saturday after her boyfriend had the owner open the door, alarmed that the woman had failed to respond to phone calls. Olsen’s body had bruises and scratches on the neck.

Citing witness testimony and street cameras, Creazzo said Olsen and Diaw met for the first time at the Montecarla disco in Florence early Friday morning and went together to Olsen’s apartment in the Tuscan city’s historic center.

The prosecutor said the two had consensual sex and both had drunk alcohol and possibly taken drugs over the course of the night.

Go Kardashians!

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