Japan: It Works – And It Could Work In The U.S. Too

In VDARE, there’s a very instructive post by Federale, regarding observations made on his trip to Japan:

I have seen the future, and it works! But unlike Lincoln Steffens, I’m not writing about the Soviet Union. I’m writing about Japan, which shows that low immigration and an ethnostate can work effectively in today’s world. Two weeks in Japan resembled nothing so much as a visit to the lost paradise of California 30 years ago.

In a real country like Japan, border security is still intact. I had the pleasure of being profiled—by both the Japanese Immigration Service and the Japanese Customs Service. Japan still maintains two services visitors from abroad must pass through. Their operations were conducted simply and efficiently….

On the economic front:

Both the Japanese people and the Japanese elite agree that Japan should remain Japanese. And the Japanese unemployment rate, 4.1% is the lowest in the industrialized world, even reaching 3.5% in 2007. Compare that to the States’ current rate of 7.2%, after a peak of 10%, under Barack Hussein Obama. Japan and the Japanese first, last and always, is Japan’s employment and cultural policy.

The American economy is increasingly infested by low-paid aliens. In contrast, Japan’s economy is structured for ordinary Japanese workers to prosper….

Of such things, the usual elements within the Tribe don’t like:

Japan’s counter-example has not gone unnoticed by the Neocon/ Cultural Marxist elite in the West. They don’t like the idea of Japan for the Japanese. Bloomberg and Walter Russell Mead are running a campaign against Japanese employment practices and nationalism. (See Abe’s Arrows of Growth Dulled by Japan’s Three Principles By Andy Sharp & Mariko Yasu, Bloomberg, June 20, 2013 and Hatred of Korea Rising in Japan, Especially Among Youth, Walter Russell Mead, October 15, 2013)

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