Jews+Muslims+Feminists vs. National Front

Messianism, in today’s world, takes two fundamental forms: Islamism and Judaism.

The former is asserting its brute strength.

The latter is resting on its timeworn laurels of sanctimony, condescension, and pugnacity.

With respect to France, a piece in The Local (the contents of which could have been imagined by Michel Houellebecq) discusses “Jews, Muslims, feminists urge unity against Le Pen“:

Jewish leaders in France have called for a “civic uprising” against the far-right National Front in the upcoming second round of regional elections. Their appeal has been joined by Muslim and women’s rights groups…

While Jewish groups are openly campaigning against the National Front, there has yet not been a similar call for France’s Muslim community, which has often been riled by Marine Le Pen’s anti-Islam rhetoric.

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