Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz & His Increasing Vocalization of Ethnocentrism

At the recent Don Rickles tribute, Jon Stewart’s cozying up to Rickles — and his increasingly less than subtle ‘wink-wink-nod-nod’, yukking-it-up, solidarity towards every joke invoking Jewish ethnocentrism — was, well, a bit much.

We get it, Jonathan, as you are aging (and destined to become a stereotypical, cranky, old Jewish man from NYC), you are becoming more aware of your Jewish identity and the collective sense of Jewish consciousness, which in turn makes you feel more comfortable with your personal anxiety and more self-righteous in your jaded caricatures of goyim America.

JonStewartA couple of weeks ago, on The Daily Show, he made one of his more frequently occurring jabs at gentiles (a line about how he’s “Old Testament” rather than “New Testament”), and on last night’s The Daily Show he got to schmooze with Upchuck Schumer about Cantor’s loss and, one can only guess, its potential for highlighting the rabid anti-semitism in America. As even WaPo has noticed, via their reporter Emily Heil (ahem):

During an appearance last night on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” host Jon Stewart asked the New York Democrat if Schumer and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-Fla.) were doing anything to mark the departure of a fellow Jew.

“Do you pour out a little Manischewitz for a homie?” Stewart asked. “Is there anything that is done there?”

“Not much,” Schumer replied, laughing.

Cantor is a ‘homie’?… What does he mean by that?

Schumer’s laugh here was noticeably forced and nervous.

Here’s the full clip.

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