Kaus: Notes on Cantormageddon

With the backdrop of a border currently being surged by wannabee ‘Dreamers’, and The Organizer salivating at dreaming-up more Executive Orders, Dave Brat’s win is desperately being spun by the MSM as being about anything except… immigration. Among Ingraham, Coulter, and Levin, Mickey Kaus had heavily promoted Dave Brat. Here’s Kaus with “Notes on Cantormageddon“:

But the main issue in the race was immigration. It’s what Brat emphasized, and what his supporters in the right wing media (Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin) emphasized. It’s the charge Cantor defended against—by conceding the issue and posing as a staunch amnesty opponent. But Cantor had signed the GOP’s pro-amnesty “principles” and endorsed a poll-tested but irresponsibly sweeping amnesty for children (a “founding principle” of the country, he said). Brat opposed all this, even as illegal immigrant children were surging across the border in search of a Cantor-style deal…

You’ll also hear that “Cantor’s loss only tells us about the views of the right-wing faction of the right-wing party in a heavily right-wing district.” But the comprehensivists and their MSM tools have been trying for two years to convince us that Republicans — even Tea Partiers – -were really OK with legalization, even a “path to citizenship.” Only yesterday the NYT was pitching this case, without bothering to mention any skeptics. Turns out it’s BS. The more difficult point is that while the public may be roughly, inconclusively split on amnesty, the anti-amnesty voters have all the intensity while pro-amnesty voters tend to consider the issue not all that much of a priority. In a democracy, ties go to intensity. (Although the Senate’s Gang of 8 monstrosity wouldn’t survive a plebiscite either — it would be quickly picked apart.)

You’ll hear that the problem was mainly that Cantor “talked out of both sides of his mouth” on amnesty–as if he’d have won if only he’d embraced it 100%. But show me a pro-amnesty Republican who doesn’t talk out of both sides of their mouth. That’s the comprehensivist game plan–fool the right wing by making lots of noise about (phony) border security provisions, about opposing a “special”path to citizenship, about imposing (fake) rigorous requirements, and then smuggle the amnesty by them. Brat’s election suggests they are harder to fool than that.

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