Kevin MacDonald on Chuck Schumer

Kevin MacDonald has a must-read column in VDARE (“The Amnesty/ Immigration Surge And Senator Schumer’s War Against ‘White Anglo-Saxons’“):

Just why White Americans should want an America dominated by people unlike themselves is unexplained by Schumer. But, as a professor of psychology, let me give a primer on why they shouldn’t want it: Multiculturalism leads to conflict between groups, political alienation, lack of willingness to contribute to public goods, and, I suspect, increasing victimization of whites by groups that hold historical grudges against whites because of real and imagined conflicts in the past.

Schumer, who is nothing if not a Jewish nationalist, would be horrified at the suggestion that Israel has no legitimacy as a Jewish state. He is leading the charge for the Iran War Bill in the Senate, a project of the Israel Lobby. He also supports an organization that opposes abortion for Jewish women in order to increase the Jewish population in Israel, while being staunchly pro-choice for his American audience.

In the U.S., however, Schumer campaigns to displace the historic American Nation. And he is winning—in fact (thanks to John Boehner) he is on the verge of victory.

As Schumer notes, white Americans of all social classes are indeed coalescing the Republican Party. This phenomenon is part of the ongoing racialization of American politics…

The bottom line here: Schumer correctly depicts the issue as an ethnic conflict in which White Americans are losing. And it’s clear which side he is on—the same side as the organized Jewish community and non-White America, which overwhelmingly votes Democrat (80% for Obama in the 2012 election).

I believe that Schumer is also correct that the pleas of the Tea Partiers for limited government are really all about fear that the America they once knew and loved is fast disappearing, along with their power and cultural influence.

In other words, it’s about implicit whiteness—attitudes that express White interests and attitudes but without explicitly framing them in racial/ethnic terms…

The fact that arguments defending the ethnic status quo are missing in mainstream debates over immigration is yet another sign of the dominance of the anti-white Left. The argument from ethnic interests is powerful, and it is at least arguable that without explicitly legitimizing arguments based on ethnic interests, the anti-immigration forces cannot win. But apparently it cannot be made.

In default of such arguments, it is no surprise that the Tea Partiers resort to rhetoric about the size of government.

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